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EngageLoans is an online lender matching service network. Matching consumers with online single-pay, personal, installment, lines of credit and small business loan service loan providers. Applying for a loan program offered by one of the service providers in the EngageLoans lenders network is quick and easy:

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Get started with your personal loan process by completing our simple online application.

Applying for a Single-Pay loan, Personal Loan or Small Business Loan though the ENGAGELOANS Lenders Network is easy. Just complete our simple online application to find out if you qualify, If your loan application qualifies for a program with one of the lenders in our network, the lender you will be working with will ask you to review and sign a loan agreement. The loan agreement will have the details of the loan including the terms, fees and interest rate chargeable to you under the lender agreement. During this process, we highly encourage you to review our how it works page and our how to calculate a personal loan APR, you can also email (customersupport@engageloans.com) with any questions.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have a valid checking account
  • Be 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen or be a legal resident
  • Earn, at least, $1,000 per month
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Verification and Matching Process

Once you've receive an approval notice from a lender you will need sign your agreement and sent it back to the lender who you will be working with, this lender may need to speak with you to verify your application details. We may also require additional third party verification: (i) from your bank; (ii) of your employment; and (iii) of your income details, before your payday loan or personal loan can be approved. Please know that you are never under obligation to accept the loan terms that a lender gives you.

Completion of your application does not mean approval.

  • Your application will be present to multiple lenders
  • Some lenders may perform credit checks
  • If approved, these lenders will communicate loan terms and conditions
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Loan Terms Agreement & Funding Process

Once you've gone through the verification process, and you've been approved for your loan or line of credit, the funds may be deposited into your bank account as early as the next business day*.

* The date and time that funds are deposited in your bank account are subject to the time of your financial institution.

Completing the online application does not obligate you to accept the money.

  • Choose one of the several offers presented by lenders, or;
  • Decline by responding as such, or ignore the offer
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Repayment Of Your Loan

We work with many different lenders who may offer more than one product, each product may have a different repayment process. Please visit our Rates & Terms calculator page to see how rates and terms work. Many lenders work within a State lending model and are required to follow the state at which you reside in lending laws. Ask the lender you are working with which payday loan or personal loan you may qualify for based on your state of residence. Most lenders also send email payment reminders to their customers.

Online loans provide the funding needed to meet existing obligations or help with new ones. Only borrow what you can afford to repay, you must pay back the new loan with interest and origination fees.

EngageLoans.com is not the lender.

  • This site will submit the information you provide to our network of online lenders
  • The lender who accepts your loan application may compensate the site for the referral